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Cadence House of Prayer Latest News

This is where any changes to our regular schedule, or any significant news is displayed:

Selah!! Cadence will be closed until Sept. 11th. You are encouraged to worship and wait on God individually during this time.

God’s leading into a time of Selah

When we shared with the HOP community on April 6th how God was leading us into a period of Worship and Waiting, we shared how God had spoken to us, in part, through 1 Kings 19. This is the story of Elijah running after the power encounter on Mount Carmel. God fed Elijah Himself to sustain him for the journey. From this Scripture verse 8 really leapt out:

So he got up and ate and drank. Strengthened by that food, he travelled forty days and forty nights until he reached Horeb, the mountain of God.

From the beginning we felt Worship and Waiting was for a season. We had wondered at the time whether we were to do it for 40 days. In mid-June when we had just about reached 40 days (HOP days – as we do 4 days a week it was the 10 week mark. As a few of us gathered we had no sense of it being finished yet!

Someone shared how 90 days kept coming up. They were doing a detox and, apparently, it is recognised that you don’t really see the difference it has made until the 90-day mark. They had a sense that this has some spiritual application to HOP. We were wondering if God was telling us to carry on to 90 days. Someone else mentioned that 40 + 50 = 90. 40 we know is significant in Scripture, but so is 50 – 50 years is the year of jubilee; there was 50 days between Passover and Pentecost – the crucifixion and the pouring out of the Spirit!

We believe God was speaking to us about another 50 HOP days of Worship and Waiting, which would bring us to Tuesday September 10th. We also believe that God is going to do something radical with us, that He is preparing us for a new season.

This season has been a difficult season for many who are part of the HOP. Added to this is the normal summer challenge of lots of people being away for holidays. It was becoming obvious that this was all making it difficult to be consistent with HOP hours.

We were wondering if we should close HOP for a week or 2, as we have on occasions over the summer. We felt the Lord say ‘Close it for the remaining days of the 90 days!

We want to emphasise that we don’t primarily believe that this is about what is going on with HOP people, but the things God used to get us asking! We also believe this is not a defeat but a positive thing. These are the things we feel God is saying about this time:

The closure is time limited and we will re-open on September 11th

It has been, and continues to be, a tough time for many of us and feel God is saying He is giving us rest

He is wanting us to go deeper into waiting, and is inviting us as individuals to respond to this as individuals

This is preparation for the new and radical thing He wants to do among us

It will enable us to take a step back. Sometimes in the midst of the doing of HOP and running it, it is good to step back and see afresh from God’s perspective.

The leadership team will continue to get together to pray and seek God.

We are calling it Selah, this comes in the Psalms – a pause from one thing to the next.

We believe God is challenging us about community and we want to try and do some things together.