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Cadence House of Prayer


listening to the heartbeat of heaven

Denise Hayward

Denise met Frederick when they were both in full-time ministry as part of a worship and healing dance team in 1988 and they married the following year. From very early on in her walk with Jesus she felt God calling her to some kind of place of ongoing worship and prayer. But it wasn’t until she met a couple form the International House of Prayer in 2004, and she and Frederick visited the following year, that she knew this was what God was leading her into. Denise believes that God is raising up Houses of Prayer all over the earth but that it is part of Bangor’s DNA. Alongside Frederick and Sarah she is committed to seeing a 24/7 House of Prayer established here in Bangor!

Frederick Hayward

Born, raised and living in England, Frederick and Denise felt called to be part of a House of Prayer in Bangor, Co. Down in 2008, having completed an internship at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. Frederick sings and plays mainly guitar, and has been involved in leading sung worship in various churches and ministries over a number of years, whilst working in IT. From mid 2007 he felt called to full-time worship and prayer, and is spending the majority of his time helping establish, and run, Cadence House of Prayer.

Gary Fair

A native of Bangor, Gary recently came onto the leadership team. He works for the civil service, and brings his considerable financial expertise to the house of prayer, as well as a passion for prayer.