Cadence House of Prayer


listening to the heartbeat of heaven

heaven’s heartbeat

During these sessions we will blend worship and prayer. There will be songs you can join in with and a time of prayer when anyone is free to pray.

Someone will lightly lead the time. We seek to keep focussed and to hear God’s heart for each session. But we desire to be open to the Spirit, so feel free to share any Scriptures or words that God is giving you.

at His feet

This is a very flexible session! It will be some kind of meditation based around a Scripture passage. Like Mary of Bethany we want to spend time sitting at Jesus’ feet listening to Him. It will be done in different ways in different sessions.

You will be encouraged to engage with God through the passage and respond in your heart or by writing or some other creative means, if it helps you. There may be an opportunity to share how God has spoken.

These are basically devotional sessions. If music is used it can provide an atmosphere of worship through songs, Scripture and prophetic singing. You can use this as a basis for engaging with God and as a background to your own contemplative/devotional prayer; or you can simply soak in God’s presence and hear His voice; or meditate on a Scripture passage.

worship with the word

This is a worship format in which we agree with God’s heart as we sing the Biblical truths of who God is and what His promises are. They are based around a Scripture passage, using other Scriptures to develop the theme. We will, at times, sing spontaneous choruses which you are welcome to join in.

These sessions are devotional in nature, providing an atmosphere conducive to your own meditation/reading the Bible and entering into contemplative/devotional prayer. Or you are welcome to simple enjoy the presence of God; or you can engage with the Scripture passage we are using and follow the meditation.


These are sessions where we will provide teaching on various subjects related to the House of Prayer, such as Purpose of/Building a HOP, Intimacy with God, End-times, How to engage with the presence of God.


These sessions are a mixture of devotional, worship and prayer with a justice-related theme.

listening and hearing

These sessions provide time and space to practice and grow in encountering God through His Spirit and Word; there will be opportunity to express this though prophetic words, prayer, and creative expression.

worship and waiting

These comprise an hour of worship, which may be live, worship with the word or the IHOP webstream; followed by an hour of waiting on the Lord. During the latter hour people may bring scriptures, prayers, words and pictures from God as appropriate.

meditation on the psalms

These are sessions where you can rest in the presence of God as you meditate on the poetry and music of the Psalms. You can take time to listen to the voice of God and respond creatively through worship, praise, prayer and art.