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Cadence House of Prayer


listening to the heartbeat of heaven

The Tent that David Pitched (pdf, about 40 A5 pages)

Worship Equipping for the House of Prayer (pdf, about 35 A4 pages)

Harp and Bowl Handbook - Part 1 - Condensed (pdf, about 57 A4 pages)

Songbirds Event

Easter 2015 Conference

Denise Fasting 30/9/19 (mp3)

Denise Celebration 10/9/19 (mp3)

Denise Dec 15 Tabernacle of David Part 1 (mp3)

Rachel Jun15 Father Heart of God (mp3)

Mike B. Power of a Focussed Life

Frederick May15 Power of a Focussed Life (thoughts on above) (mp3)

Denise Feb15 Praying Scripture (mp3)

Frederick Feb15 Apostolic Prayers (mp3)

Sarah Jan15 Being Fruitful Followers (mp3)

Denise Dec14 Intimacy and presence (mp3)

Ian H. Nov14 Engaging a room (mp3)

Ian H. Nov14 Keyboard (mp3)

training materials