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International House of Prayer

Augsburg House of Prayer (Germany)

Throne Room Ministries International
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Burn 24-7 Northern Ireland

There are a number of excellent books on worship and intercession, here’s just a few:

Deep Unto Deep - Dana Candler
Growing as a Prophetic Singer - Anna Blanc
Intercessory Prayer - Dutch Sheets
Into God’s Presence - Liz Babbs
Punk Monk - Andy Freeman/Pete Grieg
Red Moon Rising Grieg/Roberts
The Pleasures of Loving God - Mike Bickle

We are now running our own internships.

The International House of Prayer, established in 1999, offers many residential and e-learning courses.

YWAM Herrnhut School of Intercessory Prayer.

Closer to home, Acts Ministries International (Ireland) offer worship and intercession based internships.

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